Friday, January 28, 2005

The man in the mirror--closer than you think

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. Ever notice this on mirrors in cars? I've been seeing this "instruction" for quite a while now, but I never paid too much attention to it, till about a couple of days ago. I wonder if drivers, who suddenly see a vehicle appearing in the mirror wonder, "Hey, this thing is closer than it appears." Does anyone even read the notice? Wouldn't you think that this notice is like the confirmation messages that software applications are so notorious at throwing up? Do you really really want to delete this file? Nobody pays attention to those, you just hit a button automatically and the message goes away. What if people don't really pay attention to what is written on the mirror? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the instruction? And who reads the fantastic manuals anyway? Why not just design a mirror that eliminates the need for this instruction?


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