Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Confessions of a blog discriminator

I have a confession: I discriminate against certain kinds of blogs. I discriminate against blogs based on the background colour or the colour of the font used. I generally don't like to wear sunglasses when I am reading content on the web. I also discriminate against blogs based on the size of their fonts. I don't like text that is like the fine print on credit card applications, which is apparently read by people with magnifying glasses for eyes. I also don't usually visit blogs that have 750,000 links to other blogs and links to 150,000 sites where they are listed--it takes too long to load. Don't get me started on images. I also don't like reading blogs that link to a hundred different pages in one sentence. Apparently, someone I know hasn't been following his own advice (go here). I'm not saying that there should not be any links, but just that the number of links should be reduced, to make paragraphs readable. For example -- You don't need to link to popular sites (like Google or Yahoo!). I use the black background and white font on my blog because I find it easier to read. I used a white background on one of my blogs, but I didn't like the constant glare, so I shifted to the dark background. PS: Part of this post has been inspired by Maddox, whose site you can find on Google.


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